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The Philosopher’s Garden
Antal Strohmayer, The Philosopher’s Garden, Athens, 1834.

Want To Become An Instructor?

I’m so excited to welcome new instructors to the platform! ✌🏼To get started, just create an account on the platform, then send me an email telling me a little bit about yourself and what you’d like to teach: (For now, the process is manual.)

I can’t wait to hear what y’all are wanting to teach and will get back to you as soon as possible with next steps. I will then put you on a list of people to receive course creation news and tutorials. Thank You! 😃

Speaking of learning how to create courses, if you’d like to go through the process together with others, I am preparing to take a first cohort through the course creation process. If interested, below you’ll find a link to the course (on how to create a course – how meta!). It’s totally optional, and will start once about 10 people sign-up.

Why Become An Instructor?

1. Teach your dream courses – there are virtually no limits on the topics and ideas that you can teach. What you teach will no longer be shaped by departmental needs.

2. Grow a student following – even a small tribe can become a thriving, vibrant community. What could be better than building community around shared philosophical interests?

3. Make money teaching Philosophy – this platform is an environment built to nurture philosophical curiosity and make independent public philosophy viable.

4. For a limited time, earn a 95% commission on the courses you sell – you will keep most of your sales proceeds for these courses forever, a ♥️ thank  you for being an early adopter.


Philosophy Publics is a platform where people can take Philosophy courses, and where philosophers can teach their dream courses and cultivate a following. We aim to make independent, public Philosophy a viable pursuit.

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