How To Run A Philosophy Salon

Ever wanted to run a Philosophy salon in your community? This is a more compact, audio version of a course I originally created for Udemy in 2016.


How to run a Philosophy salon in your community. I take you through how to pick a good philosophical topic, how to moderate a lively discussion for different group sizes, and some ways to wrap-up the discussion in a satisfying way.

Audio and Written Content


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Course Curriculum

Introduction To How To Run A Socratic Philosophy Salon 00:01:00
What Exactly Is A Philosophy Salon? 00:01:00
Collaborative Thinking 00:01:00
The Socratic Salon Structure
Overview of the Structure 00:01:00
Gather Your People 00:03:00
Topic Selection Ideas 00:02:00
Gather First Ideas 00:02:00
Defining Participation 00:01:00
Interrogate Ideas, Not People 00:01:00
Narrow Focus and Go Deeper 00:01:00
Synthesis and Aporia 00:03:00
Final Considerations For Modetators
When A Group Brings Its Own Agenda 00:01:00
Healthy Disagreements 00:01:00
Awkward Silences 00:01:00
What Is Beauty? Narrative of a real Philosophy Salon Experience 00:03:00

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