The Story of An Idea: Space

Concepts of space, place, and void from Presocratic thought to Lefevbre.


In this course, we will follow the development of spacial concepts in Western Philosophy, from the unlimited and the void in Presocratic Philosophy, to space and place in Greek Philosophy, to relative and absolute space in Modern Philosophy. Finally, we’ll examine the most contemporary elaborations of space and place starting with Lefebvre’s theory of the social production of space.

This content is my research that I am sharing as I work on it, just like you might find in an advanced undergraduate or graduate course. Some familiarity with the History of Philosophy will serve you well, but I am here to suggest readings to anyone wanting to get up to speed or go deeper.

Written Content (Video and Audio forthcoming)

Course Curriculum

Ancient Philosophy
Presocratic Roots: From the Unlimited to the Void 00:05:00
On Necessity, the Receptacle, and Spatial Receptivity In Plato’s Timaeus 00:06:00
The Strange Non-Being of the Space-chora 00:04:00
Plato’s Appropriation of Reproduction in the Timaeus 00:05:00
Aristotle’s Place As Extendable Limit 00:05:00
Elaborations of Void in Hellenistic Philosophy 00:06:00
Absolute Vs. Relative Space: Modern Philosophy - COMING SOON
Postmodern Subjects In The City - COMING SOON

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